What is Go Bloom?
Go Bloom is an informative platform for startup companies and investors. It is a business insights platform that bridges the gap between investors and startups.
Business understanding, useful platform that crosses over any barrier amongst investors and startups. Go Bloom gives data of various ranges.
About Go Bloom
This platform has the information of investors who invested at least once and startups should have already raised funds once. Also investors can follow startups while startups can follow investors.
Go Bloom is intended to help users to look for data about organizations and offers a basic future-confirmation solution that enables associations to get noteworthy experiences and business results rapidly. This platform gives data of various ranges. Innovation and instruments exist today to gather, dissect and follow up on a gigantic measure of information from an assortment of sources and in various structures.
Go Bloom provides up to date, up to the minute information about deals that have happened, acquisitions that have occurred, financing that's happened.
How Go Bloom works?
To know about startups, under companies section you can view the start up profiles, their competition, size, revenue and market position. Go Bloom gives you everything that you want to know about a business. You will find it all at your finger tips. You can even follow your desire startups.
Go Bloom provides you with the latest news and blog posts about the goings-on at the companies that matter most to you. We will collect and post all the aggregated news from Your story, Tech in Asia, Tech story, Bizztor, inc42, Times of India, know start up, crunch base, economic times etc.
Anytime a funding event, acquisition, or leadership change occurs, Go Bloom will post the news erect. You can view about investors and trending startups, trending cities etc.
At present the database of Go Bloom has about 4000+ investors, 2000+ startu-ps and 6000+ investments. The uniqueness of Go Bloom is it has all details about investors and fund raising startups from India.
We won't influence you to hold up. You can sign up for Go Bloom right away. When you do as such, you'll promptly comprehend the power that Go Bloom brings to the table and the esteem we convey. You'll get all the latest updates on companies that you follow, including press mentions, blog posts, and press releases, so you'll never miss a thing.
Go Bloom helps Startup Companies to create an intuition for the investors provides chance to get second round of investment based on valuable information.
Benefits for Startups
  • Go Bloom provides lot of possibilities to get the second round of investment based on company's success stories and other valuable information.
  • The entire management team details of Startup Company will be viewable for the investors.
  • This platform helps Startup Company to create an impression for the investors.
  • Company's can refer & analyze other startup company's information, updates, successful tactics and can adapt solutions to their business.
  • The growth of the business is enhanced.
  • Startups can follow investors and approach for the investment.
Identify new partnership opportunities by staying abreast of the latest news, and alerts in their industry. Go Bloom provides Competitive intelligence.
Benefits for Investors
  • Investors can view about the startups. All details can be viewed including fund, websites, about founders, Investors, team, acquisition etc.
  • Trending sectors like ecommerce, internet, mobile, shopping, travel, payments, business intelligence, consulting, grocery and lot more can be analyzed in understandable format and invested accordingly.
  • Trending cities with startup company details and investment information is available at fingertips for helping the investors.
  • Business news related with Startup Company on success stories and upcoming events is available for investors to gain more understanding.
  • Go Bloom guides them in investing in right business.
  • Learn everything you'd want to know about a business on the Company page, see how a business stacks up against their competition and much more.Investors will have the option to follow the startup companies for all updates.
Go Bloom has the most accurate information; Helps investors & Startups to take the right decision. High value platform for both the investors & startups.
Our Vision
The main aim of Go Bloom is to make both the startups and investors to bloom in their business by showing right path and helping to take right decision in their investments. This platform strives to deliver value at speed using market leading tools.
Go Bloom wants to guide the startup companies and helps them to connect with the right investors. Go Bloom will deliver funding announcements, acquisitions, curates top new stories, upcoming events etc. Startups help their brand gain visibility with Go Bloom, and compare their brand performance against their competition. Investors drive better returns by tapping into market insights such as likelihood of an outcome, and how a potential investment stacks up against its competition. Go Bloom work towards providing most accurate information and solve the most core problem that exists in competitive intelligence.
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